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      • 產品名稱:Focus-75
      • 產品型號:Focus-75 協立
      • 產品廠商:其它品牌
      • 產品文檔:
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      UP-Grade Unit,Focus-75 convert your Point-70MB system to our latest ICT Focus-2000. -Easy operation by Windows 2000.Easy editing of Test result. And powerful data analysis for production process.By


      Focus-75 Specification

      CPU and an interface board conventional model remove (do not use)
      Upgrade the OS of a PC with Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
      Or trade with a PC for Windows 2000/XP and install Windows.
      Insert an exclusive PCI board to PC, I/O board ( FIO ) in a vacant slot of tester.
      FIO to an exclusive PCI board with  a cable and control a tester via FIO from a PC.
      A power supply just uses a conventional one.
      Modification contents of the main body remove a CPU unit board and insert an FIO
      board newly and connect a cable to a conventional measurement board and
      MPX mother board.  

      Modify and substitute for MPX board, in the case of Point-30 series or Point-70MBⅡ.
      A measurement board uses the Focus series.